Lincoln Continental 1961-1969 Air Suspension Bracket KIT

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This is a complete kit, and the most affordable. The most simple set up we can put together is called the Manual air ride kit. The system comes with Paddle valves which is actually the air valve and switch in one unit. You run the airlines to the paddle valve and ideally mount them on under or on the dashboard. Since the valves opens and closes with your fingers it is called a manual valve. The valve unit has small passages and therefore bigger airline won't necessarily increase the speed in which the car goes up and down. That is why it comes with 1/4 airline to make running the airline easier. If you desire a faster up and down movement then the next step up would be electronic valves which have larger inner orifices which result in greater air flow.


(1) Two gallon aluminum air tank with drain plug
(1) Single 444c Chrome Viair compressor
(1) 200 PSI Pressure switch
(2) Manual Valves
(1) 60 Foot Roll of 1/4 Inch Air Line
(2) Air House 2 Air Bags
(2) Double Play Air Bags
All Brass Air Fittings

Weld-in Brackets for the 1961-1969 Lincoln Continental.

Kit requires leaving the 2 main leaf springs, Reinforcing the inside/bottom of the rear frame and welding in the rear bag mounts.