Air Horn Triple Trumpet

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Kong Mark I Train Air Horn - 3 Trumpet All Metal Construction Chrome Plated



  • 1 - (ONE) SSM Kong MK I Train Horn




The KONG MK I Train Horn is Back! We have spend months doing our home work and were able to source the original Kong MKI train horn! You cannot comprehend what this horn feels like unless you have stood next to it! The Kong MK I at 200 psi belts out a solid wall of sound!

There are a lot of choices when it comes to Train Horns. We have tested dozens of horns from dozens of different suppliers. First let me say, the claim to make 165db from a horn is ridiculous. Most people do not even know how loud that is and then to claim to have a horn in that db range is just a flat out lie. That is like comparing their horn to standing right next to a jet fighter engine blast while it is taking off. So we do not throw meaningless db numbers around claiming things with no proof. So let me just say; THIS HORN IS UNBELIEVABLE - REALLY!! See the bottom of this listing for a Sound Clip (Clip was made at 120 psi, imagine it at 200 psi... insane!!) You be the judge for yourself.


The one thing we did learn from all the samples we tested, metal horns are the way to go. Some advertise that ABS "plastic" horns are just as good as metal. If that was the case, marching bands all around the world would be using ABS trumpets, not brass. So that claim is not true, beware when price shopping horns, a lot of lower priced horns are ABS plastic! Not Metal! A Metal horns is the way to go for sure!

Size - To get the specific tone we've got here, size does comes with sound. Physics is physics and you can't cheat some things. The horn bundle is 13" wide across the flares, 12" tall from base plate to the top of the tallest flare, and 16" long from flare to the end of the caps. These horns are big, make sure you have the room to mount them.


We work around these horns all the time. We can tell you from personal experience that you never get used to it. Some ask, aren't these horns Too Loud? - Yes that may be a real problem with Kong MK I. We suggest you get over it.


  • Air Horns Need a An Air Supply:
    • Recommend: 3-5+ Gallons @ 150-200 psi.
    • Minimum: 1 Gallon @ 120 psi.


  • Condition: NEW
  • Part: ST-1006A
  • Model: SSM Kong MK I - Train Horn - Chrome
  • Material Horn: Chrome Plated Zinc - Trumpets
  • Material Base: Powder Coated Mild Steel Bracket
  • Color: Chrome
  • Max Pressure: 200 psi
  • Horn Bells: 3 Trumpets
    • 1 - 6.25" Bell by 16" Long
    • 1 - 6.25" Bell by 14" Long
    • 1 - 6.25" Bell by 12" Long
  • Overall Footprint
    • Depth: 16"


    • 3 Trumpet Air Horn
    • 12v Air Solenoid (1/4")
    • 8 feet 1/4" Air Line
    • Heavy Metal Mounting Base Plate



    • Universal