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Hot Spot Fab RA1 Honda Odyssey Rear Air Bag Kit

Posted by Ramses Sanchez on

Its finally here! The first control arm kit for the rear of your RA1 Honda Odyssey. Over 18 years of airbag experiance has been put into the design of this kit. With the replacement of the factory arms, we were able to create more room for the airbag. This allowed for good geometry and clearance for the airbag that is not possible with the factory arm withoust loosing "drop." Features the abitlity to use the USA made Universal Airhouse 2 airbag. The lower shock mount is relocated to create space for the wheel to be cambered in without the caliper hitting the shock. The much more narrow shock also allows for more room ontop for a wider wheel and tire combo. The shorter shock allows the back end to sit lower. It will now bottom out on the upper arm and swaybar mount. All quality components used! DOM tube surrounds Polyurethane bushings with the rest made in Cold Roll steel. Upper mount are are a perfect fit in your OEM coil spring pocket and feature laser cut bag plates. TIG WELDED. No corners where cut in this kit!

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